Wild&Awake Creative Adventures

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Latest video project

A Fairy Tale Castle – The Castle BnB and Event Centre The video was created for the GreenValley Holidays. Story and Video Created by Ildiko@Fostering_Creativity Read More

Video Projects

I have played around with different video making programs. I have created these videos along the way. These are all promo videos for different programs. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Read More

Fostering Creativity in Malta

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Wild&Awake Creative Adventures for Adults

Fostering Creativity aims to support both children and adults to develop a creative attitude to life and to maintain a sense of curiosity throughout life. “…creativity involves changing a way of doing things, or a way of thinking …” “But if creativity with a capital C is largely beyond our control, living a creative personal Read More

‘Wild&Awake’ Creative adventures for Adults

During the workshop participant do the following: Creating a symbol Mandala on the story of our past and present; Crafting a piece of art called ‘Beauty form Aches art work’ that supports practicing forgiveness and embracing of the past through ; Creating a Mandala of the life we wish to live and magnetizing it; Creating Read More

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